2020 Toyota RAV4 G Z

Pre-owned but JUST LIKE NEW!
Includes complimentary maintenance/tune-up service
Limited warranty covers 6 months or 6,000 miles
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    S/N: R21JA262037
    Mileage: 6,000 miles
    Transmission: CVT
    Exterior Color: Pearl White
    Year: 2020/3
    Chassis ID: MXAA54
    Engine: 2.0L
    Fuel: Gasoline
    Drivetrain: Full-Time 4WD
    Steering: Right-Hand Drive

    Airbags, Air conditioner, Power steering, Power windows, On-board computer/multi-information display, Navi-TV, AM/FM/CD, Keyless entry, Push-button start, Alloy wheels, Fog lights, Roof rails

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Well worth it!!

    As good as advertised. Loving the quiet drive and all the options. Great car fir the money.

    Attractive and Reliable Car

    This car is totally worth the money. The newly updated design makes it look very sleek ( much different than past Rav4 designs). I also feel very safe driving in different terrains and really like that you can just push a button to change the tire grip depending on which terrain you are driving over ( ex: snow, sand, rocks, etc.). I also love the heated weather package I received with the heated seats and steering wheel, Car play, and the Alexa connection. The only negative comments I have is that I don't prefer the noise that the engine makes when I go up hills and the drive could be a bit smoother. Overall, I am happy with my purchase.

    Good vehicle so far

    I purchased my 2020 Limited Rav4 back in November. Having driven a little over 1000 miles so far, I’m favorably impressed. I actually wanted to buy the hybrid version but after several months I couldnt find the color combination I wanted and the dealers were marking the price up over MSRP. Toyota has seemed to address the two issues I was concerned about, which was engine noise and low-speed shifting of the 8-speed transmission. Extra sound-proofing has been added to the engine compartment and a TSB has was implemented in August and the transmission seems to shift fine for me. In a combination of city and highway driving I’m only getting 28 mpg from the gas motor, so the 35 mpg highway seems optimistic. I have the tech pkg which includes the birds eye view cameras which help in parking...it also includes the phone charging pad but I need to upgrade my iPhone 6 for it to work...the camera in the rear view mirror is useful if your cargo area is full and you want to see behind you. The car is loaded and has the weather pkg, which I really like the heated steering wheel on cold days.