2020 Honda Vezel Hybrid Z Honda Sensing

Pre-owned but JUST LIKE NEW!
Includes complimentary maintenance/tune-up service
Limited warranty covers 6 months or 6,000 miles
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    S/N: R21JA291135
    Mileage: 4,000 miles
    Transmission: 7AT
    Exterior Color: Pearl White
    Year: 2020/3
    Chassis ID: RU3
    Engine: 1.5L
    Fuel: Hybrid/Gasoline
    Drivetrain: FF
    Steering: Right-Hand Drive

    Airbags, Air conditioner, Power steering, Power windows, On-board computer/multi-information display-ready, Keyless entry, Push-button start, Alloy wheels, Fog lights, Roof rails, Half-leather seats

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Neat, luxury, suv

    I love my vezel! It looks small from outside, but is bigger inside. I wish it had more trunk space but I rarely use it anyway. I love the magic backseats. I got EX and it’s like WHOA! It’s everything!!! I’m a 4’11” plump little thing so it’s very short people friendly and my mom is tall and very plump and she has plenty of room. I easily got my niece’s car seat in the back and she had room. I love the technology ! The screen is big!!! Basically it’s a baby crv. It’s very sporty and moves around fast. I got good mileage on the interstate and I love that right camera! The camera looks better than my nephew’s Lexus camera imaging. The interior is very nice, I don’t have lumbar support but the seats are so plush and cozy and made to make you feel good while sitting and driving a long time. Wish it had power seats, it doesn’t so technology gets four stars because of it. Love the apple car play it is very easy to use. I find the screen interface easy to use and instructions will help you they come up on the screen when you first set it up. I like all of the extras that came with it like the stability control and that thing that pulls you back in line when you beer off the road. I don’t get road Josie it’s a quiet ride. It handles very well no quick jerking or wobbling, it handles bumps well too. It zips on the interstate. It’s so cute! I’m so glad I chose it! I love satellite radio it comes with that! The interior is very nice it doesn’t look or feel cheap. You can never go wrong with Vezel.

    Good looking and easy to drive

    Just got my Vezel. Enjoying the ride, easy and very comfortable. Spacious in the boot, plenty of headroom and arm room for 2 front seats. Good looking on the outside and inside for this price range. The features of CBTA, Brake hold , cruise control makes driving a breeze.
    Added good experience with purchase as I got a good PI, made it a short and smooth process.

    What I like
    -Great exterior and interior look
    -Spacious boot with knock down rear seats
    -Spacious interior with plenty of leg space for rear passengers
    -Added features of CBTA, Brake hold , cruise control makes driving a breeze.
    -Reverse sensor which show alignment lines makes parking easy peasy

    2 words... magic seats

    I LOVE the magic seats in the Honda Vezel. It gives this small all wheel drive SUV more usable cargo space then even larger SUV’s. I can put he awesome seat bottoms up and let the dog sit on the floor or fold the seats glad and put her in a crate... but my dog isn’t going in a crate so being able to lay on the flat floor will be best for her. She will be fairly well protected in the case of having to break short or an accident, because their isn’t too much room but yet enough for her to be comfortable. Yes dog person and glad the car will work well for her. On top of that with all the options of the magic seats I should be able to haul just about anything from my daughters skis to furniture for college when the time comes. I just love this reasonably priced small SUV. Personally I don’t like real big cars, so this is perfect for me.

    Best of most worlds

    In Sg this vehicle just makes a lot of sense.
    Space in the car and boot, with the magic seats, powerful engine and low maintenance. Think this is still the default choice.. Explains all the grabs on the road. Though a change to softer suspension or additional dampeneners would be useful.
    Economical. Larger than fit and plusher.. Think it is really just the default choice in sg right now. Especially if you are looking for something that is good looking but not outlandish like a CHR.

    What I like
    Plush interior, Quiet (compared w fit)
    large boot
    a lot of mods.
    easy to maintain

    What I do not like
    hard ride.

    15 minutes test drive and hours of research online... ended up with the Hybrid version

    For a BnB car, it is pretty average, suspension setup is abit hard, harder than my previous Subaru impreza which is quite stiff for daily usage. However insulation is pretty decent. Tried both petrol and hybrid, the latter is quieter. Size wise is pretty good for this segment, 3 adults are able to sit at the back comfortably with ample legroom and headroom, no center hump too.

    Exterior styling
    Looks great! Handsome front and back ends. Coupe style silhouette with hidden back door handles. Bright and functional LED headlights and LED backlights (hybrid).

    Interior design
    Looks great too! Front passengers are cocooned inside a comfortable space within the car, partly due to the high center console, allowing you to place your barangs barangs there. Lots of storage areas.

    Honda Sensing is a must! Adaptive cruise control, lane departure assistance and automatic braking to avoid collision. You can totally set your car on cruise control and your car will automatically keep its speed and distance with the front car. It will also keep you inside your own lane and brake for you when needed. There is brake hold too, useful for traffic jams where the car presses the brake for you when you stop, so that you can relax your right feet. Lots of airbags (8 for petrol and 6 for hybrid). There is also sports mode and econ mode to suit different driving styles.

    Reason why I choose hybrid over petrol after testing both for 15 minutes each. Petrol has ample of performance for a basic BnB car but the hybrid has 150+ bhp, similar to a 2.0l engine. Pickup for petrol and hybrid is around 11 seconds and 8.5 seconds respectively.

    What I like
    Exterior and interior styling
    Safety (airbags)
    Honda Sensing
    Lots of tech gizmo

    What I do not like
    Ride comfort
    PARF at $5000 at the end of 10 years