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2018 Toyota RAV4 4WD

Pre-owned but JUST LIKE NEW!
Includes complimentary maintenance/tune-up service
Limited warranty covers 6 months or 6,000 miles
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    S/N: R21JA281338
    Mileage: 4,000 miles
    Transmission: CVT
    Exterior Color: Black
    Year: 2018/6
    Chassis ID: XA40
    Engine: 2.0L
    Fuel: Gasoline
    Drivetrain: Full-Time 4WD
    Steering: Right-Hand Drive

    Airbags, Air conditioner, Power steering, Power windows, On-board computer/multi-information display, Navi-TV, AM/FM/CD, Keyless entry, Push-button start, Alloy wheels, Fog lights, Roof rails

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Third Rav-4, love them

    I just recently purchased a 2018 Rav-4 Adventure. This is the third Rav-4 I have owned in a row, 2012 Rav-4 XLE, 2015 Rav-4 XLE, and now the 2018 Rav-4 Adventure. I travel A LOT for my job putting over 40,000 miles a year on each of the Rav-4's. I can truthfully say I have not had one bit of problem with the past two and do not expect any problems with this one. The last two I traded with over 120,000 miles on each and only thing I done to them is the change tires, 2012 at 86,000 miles and the 2015 at 104,000 miles. Not bad for tires that came with the vehicle. I changed brakes at around 86,000 miles on both. I changed wiper blades once on each, and changed oil and filters on schedule. Neither had a tuneup, never even changed a light bulb. That is it, and I mean that is it. Not one warranty issue with any of them. The 2018 has about the same power as the 2015. The 2012 I felt did not have quite as much power but still respectable. No problem cursing 75 mph even through PA and TN mountains. Both the 2015 and 2018 have the 6 speed automatic. I believe the 2012 also had a 6 speed automatic but don't remember for sure. All three are All Wheel Drive. I read all the reviews good and bad, and even how the placement of the cruise control is a deal breaker for one person. To each their own I guess and not out to judge others. I have also read that the Rav-4 does not handle as good as other suv's and power is not as good. I can tell you that the Rav-4 corners well and holds the road. It of course is not going to handle like a corvette, then again it is not a $62,000.00 car. It has a sharp turning radius and can get into some very tight spots easily. It is a fun vehicle to drive. The All Wheel Drive is a must for me and the past two Rav-4's I never got stuck, ever. I have been able to get down the road even when I could not see the road and felt like I was in control. I have pushed snow with the front bumper and heard it sliding across the bottom under me yet it did not spin a wheel and kept going. Yes I got the Adventure this time as it has more ground clearance. I did mention I drive in some nasty winters. When I purchased my 2015 Rav-4 I decided to never reset the average MPH to see what the average would be. At 122,000 miles the average was 28.4 miles per gallon. I do A Lot of highway driving but I do not baby it. 75 cruising speeds. This is off regular gas. My wife had a 2008 Suzuki. After multiple times in the garage then the starter switch went bad. Then the rear hatch door release did not want to work half the time. She loved the Rav-4 so much she purchased a 2015 Rav-4 LEalso, so I guess I could say this is my 4th Rav-4 now. No issues with hers either. Every car out there has plus and minus things about them. None are perfect. No one vehicle fits everyone. What one person thinks is poor handling another thinks is great. Everyone has to test it for themselves and make their own opinion. I can say if you are looking for a reliable vehicle that just keeps going down the road with little costs to operate, and holds it's resale value better than almost anything out there, you cannot beat Toyota. My hat go off to them.

    Reliable compact SUV

    Probably the 8th Toyota / Lexus car I have purchased. Purchased for my son who attends college in upstate New York, lots of snow.... The Rav-4 has a comfortable ride with all the safety features standard. For a compact SUV it has plenty of cargo space and a comfortable rear seat. I am 6'3" tall and the front seats give me plenty of leg room. My final decision to purchase the Rav-4 boiled down to three things, Great reliability / Toyota's hold their value and the safety features.

    1 year of ownership.... No problems.

    Love my Rav4

    Great looking vehicle with so many upgrades. This is the only SUV with lumbar support that I can drive without having to use my lumbar cushion. Driving is a breeze, vehicle is easy to handle around the sharp turns. Dual vehicle control knobs allow my passengers to be comfortable and for myself driving to control my own temps. Cargo area able to handle the loads I need.