2018 Toyota RAV4

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Limited warranty covers 6 months or 6,000 miles
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    S/N: R21JA281327
    Mileage: 5,000 miles
    Transmission: CVT
    Exterior Color: Wine Red
    Year: 2018/5
    Chassis ID: XA40
    Engine: 2.0L
    Fuel: Gasoline
    Drivetrain: FWD
    Steering: Right-Hand Drive

    Airbags, Air conditioner, Power steering, Power windows, On-board computer/multi-information display, Navi-TV, AM/FM/CD, Keyless entry, Push-button start, Alloy wheels, Fog lights, Roof rails

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    What a great crossover!

    We came from a Honda CR-V but we really fell in love with the Rav when we drove it! We test drove a Mitsubishi, but weren't happy with the overall feel of the drive and the interior seemed a little on the low-quality side. We love the the immense safety features with the rav and the handling is superb! The car has so many safety features that I doubt we'll ever use all of them [like the radar assist cruise-control] but I guess it's nice to have if you're planning a long trip. Very satisfied with the comfy [heated] seats and the leg/head room is awesome. The biggest selling point for us was the quality of the materials and the outstanding quality and reliability of Toyota vehicles. We liked our Honda but just feel like we're getting more for our dollar with the rav-4.

    Back to a RAV4 after a 2 year hiatus

    I took two years off from a RAV4, for a Buick Encore. I regret my decision to leave my RAV4 last time although my last RAV4 wasn't equipped with things I needed for my wife, like heated seats and a power driver seat for when she drove it. These were crucial for someone with back problems, but I hadn't considered it when I bought it, not realizing that it would be such a big problem for her - but it was. The Encore had all of this, and then some. What the Encore didn't have was (1) a passenger arm rest - don't think of this as trivial, it is a downright burden if you have back problems or take a long trip and (2) space is a premium that we simply could not live without any longer. We were bumping elbows constantly, trying to share a single driver seat arm rest, and nowhere to put our packages/bags/boxes because the cargo area was pretty small. We have a 90lb German Shepherd and 12lb Chihuahua and take them with us everywhere when we travel together (nights/weekends). I started to get claustrophobic all the time, got annoyed bumping elbows all the time, and going out together was getting more difficult to endure. So, I took a bath on my trade and got back into a RAV4. I got the SE model. Why? Power driver's seat and heated leather-like seats. The SE is a sporty model and it looks sharp, but I only got it because it had what a I needed, without anything more. The Limited is a step-up, but we didn't need all it had to offer vs. saving some money. I bought the 2018 because the 2019 slope of the rear will cut off much needed cargo room. I needed cargo space and now have it. The rear seats fold completely flat (gas model) and even when up, give plenty of storage vs. the Encore. I miss some things that the Encore had that the RAV4 doesn't, like remote start, or Onstar, yes. But not enough to get past the lack of space. The Encore also had some annoyances, like the drivers seat seams coming apart (supple leather, cheap stitches), and the auto air/heat not working like it should. The ride, handling, look, feel, fit and finish, etc. are fine with the RAV4, although some minor dash rattling and center arm rest rattling reminds me I'm in a RAV4, nearly perfect, but with minor annoyances. Ah, but the space. The passenger seat sits annoyingly close to the dash, but you get used to it. I know it is closer than I would like to allow for plenty of rear seat leg room. The lack of a real GPS in anything less than the Limited is shameful, in today's world of electronics. The Scoutlink GPS workaround on the SE kinda works okay, but is glitchy and sometimes shuts off mid-trip. The radio and speakers are fine, and I remember the JBL system was a bigger disappointment because all the sound came out of the front center speaker like an AM Radio from a 1975 sedan. The LED lights (headlights) are something that you should know are the best in the car industry right now. Plenty of light, spread out in front of you, and the high beams are LED as well. The bright LED daytime running lights (SE and Limited) are amazingly bright and function as parking lights as well. The LED tail lights and brake lights are more than adequate to warn drivers behind you. The air/heat work like a dream. The rear power lift gate is slow, but a nice upgrade and very reliable. The halogen fog lights point too close to the ground, but no biggie. The safety sense suite of things (Drifting from lane with correction, emergency braking, dynamic radar cruise control, auto high beams, and on mine the blind spot monitors on the mirrors are amazing. There is nothing more you could want in a car, it really feels good to be back in a RAV4. I tried lots of others and everything else was a disappointment. The RAV4, the 2018 version is one worth getting before they are all gone. Oh yes, the transmission is a perfect shifter, the engine smooth and quiet, the ride mostly decent, and the handling (SE model) is very sporty feeling. I will be keeping this one, and I'm only sorry I got rid of my 2015 Limited, it had everything I needed and wanted. I did a trade in for a RAV4 hybrid to save a few bucks, and only spent lots more going round and round until I got back to the 2018 RAV4 SE model. I'm nearly 300lbs and about 6' tall. If I can get cozy and feel comfortable in this so can you. MPG on highway nearer to 30. MPG in city/suburbs with lots of lights/traffic, about 21.

    Reliable compact SUV

    Probably the 8th Toyota / Lexus car I have purchased. Purchased for my son who attends college in upstate New York, lots of snow.... The Rav-4 has a comfortable ride with all the safety features standard. For a compact SUV it has plenty of cargo space and a comfortable rear seat. I am 6'3" tall and the front seats give me plenty of leg room. My final decision to purchase the Rav-4 boiled down to three things, Great reliability / Toyota's hold their value and the safety features.

    1 year of ownership.... No problems.

    Love my Rav4

    Great looking vehicle with so many upgrades. This is the only SUV with lumbar support that I can drive without having to use my lumbar cushion. Driving is a breeze, vehicle is easy to handle around the sharp turns. Dual vehicle control knobs allow my passengers to be comfortable and for myself driving to control my own temps. Cargo area able to handle the loads I need.