2016 Honda Vezel X Honda Sensing

Pre-owned but JUST LIKE NEW!
Includes complimentary maintenance/tune-up service
Limited warranty covers 6 months or 6,000 miles
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    S/N: R21JA321132
    Mileage: 22,000 miles
    Transmission: 7AT
    Exterior Color: Crystal Black Pearl
    Year: 2016/7
    Chassis ID: RU1
    Engine: 1.5L
    Fuel: Gasoline
    Drivetrain: FF
    Steering: Right-Hand Drive

    Airbags, Air conditioner, Power steering, Power windows, On-board computer/multi-information display-ready, Keyless entry, Push-button start, Alloy wheels, Fog lights

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Love this Vezel SUV X Series, First SUV I own

    This is my first SUV which I owned, comparing to the last vehicle which was under Toyota Yaris. Love this car as its comfortable for city driving and handling is good.

    Just driven this car for less than 3 days and I am falling in love with it with it's lightweight chassis, spacious interior and also it's boot space. Affordable SUV price and it's exterior look is very fashionable.

    I think if the cabin is better insulated, it will be nicer but I can live with it. Not a big issue.

    What I like
    Exterior Looks
    Value for Money
    Spacious Interior
    Fuel Efficiency
    Lightweight chassis
    LED Headlight
    Engine start/stop button
    Handling on Road is good
    Great Boot Space

    What I do not like
    Cabin insulation could be improved
    Slow pickup but as for city driving, I am loving it!

    Compact SUV with Compacted Price.

    Driven this new SUV from the PI market, so far is good to drive.

    The exterior looks is astonishing and looks compact as its a urban SUV. You might think interior is cramp but until when you see inside, its a surprise.

    The styling and the curves certainly brings up the SUV look. For a 1.5L with 129bhp, its the biggest in CAT A that is relatively affordable than the upcoming AD model (PI is Made in JAPAN while AD is Made in THAILAND) that costs much more. You see the difference for yourself and decide.

    Interior, is spacious and fully featured. Comes with conti car like features like electric parking brake, 7-speed CVT, touch aircon controls and LED headlamps, 16" original sports rims with CBTA assist (in X and S models only). The back space is comfortable for a reasonable size up to 4 can sit. Push Start is there too. And a charging socket can be found at the back seats for back passengers to charge on the go as well. Well thought of. :)

    The drive is comfortable as SUVs are not meant to throttle hard on the pedal. Its meant to cruise and overcome little obstacles only. Only that sound insulation can do better. Otherwise is still acceptable.

    Overall, a worth considering SUV to consider than many out there which is better but there is a price to pay. This Vezel is a upmarket car without the upmarket price.

    What I like
    Everything in it.

    What I do not like
    Sound insulation can be improved when drive.

    Default choice in the Singapore market.

    It is really no surprise, seeing the sheer number of them on the road. Swoopy styling and yet practical interior with one of the best class A engines and huge boot. Not many come close. The pi version has a more powerful engine and with Honda build quality, warranty isn't really an issue. Offers more plush ride as compared with fit/jass despite similar chassis foundations. Other than transmission whine and delay, all else is as much as one can get from practical motoring with some pizzazz in Sg.

    What I like
    Looks - those headlights.
    Frugality - A little over half tank to KL.
    Huge boot - compared with CHR/CX3

    What I do not like
    Ride can be crashy of broken surfaces.
    Transmission slow to react but at times lungy.. esp in first gear.