2013 Honda Fit 13G PKG


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S/N: R200923313

Mileage:   52,000 miles (Very low mileage)   
Transmission:            5AT    
Exterior Color:     Tea
Year:   2013/10
Chassis ID:   GE6
Engine / Fuel:   1.3L, I4 / Gasoline 
Steering:   Right-Hand Drive



Horsepower (Max): 117 hp @ 6600 rpm

Torque (Max): 106 lb-ft @ 4800 rpm

MPG (City/Highway/Combined): 28 / 35 / 31

Fuel Tank Capacity: 10.6 gal

Required Fuel: Regular Unleaded



All-Season Tires: 175/65R15 84S

Driven Wheels: Two-Wheel Drive

Power Steering



Air conditioning

Electric windows

Keyless entry

Seats (quantity): 5



On-Board Computer / Multi-Information Display



Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Great Car

Overall this is a great car. There are a few quirks with it, and the technology leaves something to be desired, but for the price you can't beat it. There's a USB input jack as well as an auxiliary jack. There is so much room in this car! When the back seats are folded down I could sleep in the back of this car. There are some strange blind spots which definitely take some getting used to. There are small windows on the side of the dash to help with this, but don't do as much as you would expect.

'13 Fit base 5MT

'13 Fit base 5MT.
So far, 10 months, 10,000 miles, no problems.
Despite display indicating 50% oil life left at 5K miles, oil was changed @ 5K mi.
Oil changed at 10K mi. (again display indicating 50% oil life remaining) with full synthetic.
Engine seems to run better on full synthetic. Air conditioner lost refrigerant @ 26,000 miles--mystery as nothing found wrong with the AC unit itself.
Concerned that after 10K mi. there has been no dash display for maintenance (wrench symbol).
As there are no mileage recommendations for maintenance in the owner's manual, you are wholly dependent on the car computer for maintenance scheduling.
Wondering if computer is working properly.
Can't believe no service is required after 10K miles.
Very satisfied and happy with the car.
3 years in, its still running perfectly, Original Dunlop tires wore unevenly, replaced @ 28K mi, Bridgestone Eco___ significantly quieter riding and a great improvement, Recall for Takata airbag replaced after 2 month wait, Dealer provided free loaner/rental during wait, Note: those with rental/loaners are prioritized to the top of the waiting list. At 39,000 on the odometer the car is getting 1-2 mpg less mileage on a gallon of gas. Lifetime mpg is still slightly over 31, which is 2 mpg OVER the EPA estimate. Engine feels as if it's finally "loosening" as in it finally feels "broken in", Engine feels freer revving since it's last servicing. Similarly, the shifter feels a bit looser and not as tight as when new, although it still functions perfectly, When asked, the car cruises effortlessly @ 75-85 mph. Further note: dealer installed side window visors have NOT reduced wind noise with the windows open--a disappointment. At nearly four years and 40K miles in, the car is still worth MORE than the blue book value in my opinion. The only negative to the car is that it performed poorly on the IIHS small offset frontal crash test. A test that was initiated in 2013-2014, The 2013 Fit was designed and in production over 4 years PRIOR to the creation of this new crash test. Hard to design for something not yet devised or invented. Much to the credit of Honda, the 3rd generation Fit, introduced as a 2015 model mid year 2014, they recalled the first 14,000 units sold and refit them with newly designed front bumpers that passed the new "small offset frontal crash test". Subsequent units were all outfitted with the redesigned bumpers. Kudos to Honda who was willing to redesign "on the fly" as it were. Many other manufacturers rather than redesign non conforming models, simply waited until the current non conforming model ran its course and didn't redesign until the next iteration or update of the non conforming model. Other information on the Honda Fit 3rd generation 2015-present. Honda's new manufacturing plant in Mexico was designed to fabricate the 3rd generation Fit and the new compact CUV the HR-V which is based ton the Fit chassis. Initial units had a lot of uncharacteristic (for Honda) quality control problems. In addition, cars were being stripped of parts in transit to the United States. More recently, it has been my observation that the new 3rd generation Fits have been made in Japan, although the HR-V is still being produced in Mexico. I firmly believe the quality control of cars from Japan exceed those made in Mexico, based on my own personal experience. September '17: a bit confused on the KBB (Kelly Blue Book) value of the car today. There appears to be a wide variance, confusing. It's my general conclusion that the value of the car (to me) is far more than the KBB value. This makes it hard to justify to trade it in on a new vehicle. Most magazine evaluations conclude that the 2nd generation Fits (2008-2013) deliver a more responsive and sportier ride (driving dynamics) than the current (2014-2017) updated version. Prior to the current version (>2014) previous Fits were on Car and Driver Magazine's 10 best list 7 years in a row (2007-2013). The current version has never been included on this list. It's my opinion that a low mileage Fit may be the best used car value going. Currently approaching 50k mi and it's still running perfectly. Tough deciding if it’s worth trading in on a new vehicle or just keeping it because it’s such a practical and utilitarian vehicle. Despite it’s power limitations it is and always has been a very responsive vehicle. I’ve always thought of my former 1970’s bmw 2002 as a superior car, but the 2013 fit outperforms it in most all respects-such is progress in engineering. I’ll be shopping for a bonafide hot hatch but most likely keep the fit as a utility vehicle.