2012 Nissan Cube 15X V Selection

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  • Limited warranty covers 3 months or 3,000 miles
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S/N: R201209138

Mileage: 49,000 miles (Very low mileage)
Transmission: CVT
Exterior Color: White 
Maximum Seating: 5 Seats
Steering: Right
Fuel Type: Gasoline
Engine: 1.5L (1,498cc)
Model Code: Z12
Drivetrain: Two-Wheel Drive
Registration: 2012/9 
Airbags, Air conditioner, Power steering, Power windows, On-board computer/multi-information display, Navi-TV, AM/FM/CD, Keyless entry, Keyless start

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Toaster... Who cares! I'll take the laughs!

I have laughed at all "toaster" cars since they came out. The low mileage and price were the only thing that even made me sit in it. But one trip around the block sold me. Smooth ride, responsive steering and acceleration. I laughed at the dash carpet and tossed it in the trunk, but the eye-pleasing interior is sweet and the most comfortable ever! My comment before buying was "Well I don't have to look at the outside and the inside is awesome." So far... 26.8 mpg city only. CVT tranny is great. If I have a lighter touch on acceleration I get quicker response... flooring it isn't the best idea.
The toaster has won me over... I love it!

10* For Design

I had a Scion, which I loved , but the Nissan Cube is the ride I wanted for the same assets. Namely, it is small on the outside, but LARGE on the inside. Plus it is boxy, an has the wrap around window. Inside, I love the colored lights, and the little sagg on the dash. MAJOR, it is soooo easy to get in and out of. Best of all, it does NOT look like a. boring sedan.
Negatives, it is air noisy, mainly because I added windshields over the front door windows. Also the seat slants down on the right and needs a half pillow to be comfortable.
This little van is GREAT. SO MUCH SO, IT GETS A 10, in spite of two or three minor room for improvement details. Who decided to eliminate. This auto in lieu of all those generic looking boring sedans.........

Quirky and fun!

The cube won out against the Kia Soul.
My cube is so spacious.
With the rear seats down, I fit a dresser and 2 boxes of clothes in the back!
Does not handle great in the snow, but I can't be too judgmental on that piece since my previous car was an SUV.
Also disappointed in the audio system.
Imports usually have high quality speakers as stock, not Nissan.
Overall, I grade this car as a solid B.
The quirky and fun design makes driving it a blast and I have never had anything go wrong with it.

Very awesome car

Like many, when i first saw the cube i though it looked a little odd, like a shoebox. But once you step inside, the deisign is amazing and the interior is suprisingly spacious. I thought it would be a bad idea to get a brand new car as my first car, but with this car, its not. Its short so its easy to park, u-turns are a breeze, and it has excellent visibility, making this an excellent choice for a new driver like me. The safety features are also a great bonus. I HIGHLY recommend this car for any one who wants an eye-catching car thats fun to drive.