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About Us

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Route 119 is an all-around car dealer, trans-business, and retail company that offers the best quality cars, goods and services at the most affordable prices.

By offering these affordable quality vehicles and products, we help you get more and enjoy life — making some necessities and benefits readily accessible. At Route 119, it's a bit easier to live your dreams and achieve your goals.

We're growing

Route 119 officially launched in Kanagawa, Japan on March 1, 2018. We opened our doors just over a year later in Oregon, USA on May 1, 2019. Since then, we've expanded with offices in California, USA; London, UK; and the Caribbean.

We also won the 2021 UK Enterprise Award for "Most Versatile Affordable Car Services".

We're visionary

One of our principal goals is to help reduce the cost of living while helping people to live their best lives.

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