2013 Toyota Vitz Jewela Edition


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  • Limited warranty covers 3 months or 3,000 miles
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S/N: R191021995

Mileage:   31,000 miles (Very low mileage)  
Transmission:   CVT
Exterior Color:     Red
Chassis ID:   NSP135
Fuel:   Gasoline
Engine:   1.3L (1,329cc)
Steering:   Right-Hand Drive




Fuel consumption (average): 5.2 /100km

Engine detail: 1.3

Engine size (litre): 1.3 l

Power maximum (detail): 70 kW

Acceleration 0-100 km/h: 11.7 s

Maximum/top speed: 155 km/h




Front tyres: 195/50R16

Rear tyres: 195/50R16

Driven wheels: Front Wheel Drive

Power steering




Air conditioning

Electric windows

Push-button start

Seats (quantity): 5




On-board computer





Airbag quantity: 6

Anchor points for child restraint seats


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Reliable car with good fuel efficiency

I bought a 2 year old certified 2013 Yaris L (American model to the Vitz hatchback) with 25k miles and used it for 3 and half years (67k miles). 4 Adults can sit comfortably. Engine makes huge noise when ever driven over 75 miles per hour. It can carry very less cargo and does not have enough power to accelerate. Fuel efficiency is 34-35 on highway and 29-30 in city. Very less maintenance. Infact I only had to change the tires and brakes and rotors (rear drum brakes) for this. I drove it in Michigan winters and snow with both all-season and winter tires and did not see much of a difference. In snow, it does skid quite a bit, remember it is not a 4 wheel drive. Trim level L comes with non-power windows, no cruise control, no remote start, bluetooth. Reliability and value are top notch. Performance is not so great.

First Toyota experience, and won't be the last.

I was looking for a fuel efficient car for a two hour round trip commute to work. I went by word of mouth on Toyota's reliability, and bought this car from a rental company. It had 65,000 miles when I purchased it in 2015, and now has 252,000 miles. The only things that I have done to this car are routine oil changes. I've bought two set of new tires, and recently had the coolant flushed. This little car has been bulletproof so far. Gas mileage is great (about 40-42 MPG @ 65MPH highway driving). My average between town and highway is usually around 35-36 MPG. My favorite thing about this car is what my wife calls "tiny car parking". It will fit just about anywhere normal cars can't. The turn radius is my next favorite thing. You can almost do a u-turn in an alleyway. The interior is quite roomy for a small car...a lot better than I had expected. My only complaint is that the body is kind of cheap (plastic bumpers with plastic brackets) but that is most cars nowadays. Toyota has made a believer out of me.

I really love this car.

I originally had this car as a rental. I actually felt it's reliability and eager anticipation of me using the passing gear. I love how the car feels bigger than it is. The interior could use a bit more softer materials to make it easier to keep clean and scratch/damage free. It also needs arm rests, Unfortunately that isn't a standard feature. When given premium gas, This car actually gets quite perky! Needless to say, I returned the rental but bought one exactly like it with 3 doors instead of 5. I love it! The black pearl paint really glimmers in the sun....

Customer Reviews

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